Don't Navigate the Divorce Process Alone

Don't Navigate the Divorce Process Alone

Retain an experienced divorce lawyer in Albuquerque, NM

Divorce is often one of the most difficult experiences anyone will face. In this stressful and confusing time, it's important to have a dedicated divorce lawyer standing by your side. Schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Tatiana D. Engelmann, P.C. in Albuquerque, NM.

Ms. Engelmann will help you settle all of the outstanding details, including:

Division of assets and property
Spousal support
Child support and custody
Visitation rights

Call today to discuss the entire process with a divorce lawyer. We offer free consultations over video or phone at this time.

Trust attorney Engelmann to handle your military divorce

A military divorce presents unique legal issues. Attorney Engelmann is an experienced military divorce lawyer who can assist you with all of your questions and concerns.

You'll need to settle details like:

Which state has jurisdiction over the divorce
How to divide military retirement funds
Whether payments can be made directly from the DFAS website

Your military divorce lawyer will allow you to work through these issues in the most time-saving and cost-efficient manner. Speak with attorney Engelmann today to get started.