Give Your Children the Best Possible Care

Give Your Children the Best Possible Care

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Every child deserves to be raised in a loving and nurturing environment. If you're hoping to stay active in a child's life, hire a tenacious child custody lawyer in Albuquerque, NM. The Law Offices of Tatiana D. Engelmann, P.C. is passionate about giving all children the best chance for a bright future.

Your child custody lawyer will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Ms. Engelmann has years of experience handling cases for legal custody, physical custody and joint custody.

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Get the financial support your family needs

A separation often affects children the most. With a serious loss of family income, children may not get the support they need for a stable living environment. If you're seeking child support or would like to amend a previous decision, contact a local child support lawyer for assistance.

While a court may normally determine payments based on fixed factors like income and necessary expenses, attorney Engelmann will be able to make additional arguments on your behalf. Speak to your child support lawyer today to discuss the details of your case.